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Travel By Haiku, poetry collection (2016)


Travel By Haiku: Volume 1-5, Still Trippin' Across The States is a collection of poetry written during travels across the United States in 2014 and 2015. Each haiku brings the reader along on the road across the country taking brief pauses to admire the air, the sunsets, the beaten earth, the tall trees on high mountains, and the breath of the ocean surf. Readers will find themselves transported to a humble place with a still mind and a new found admiration for their natural surroundings.

"Marshall Deerfield takes us beyond the horizon of hope with Travel By Haiku and reveals the wild, wonderous places (within and without) where freedom still reigns."
-- Sage Kohen, author of Seeds of Illumination

"Through Deerfield's eyes and travels, every moment becomes a prayer, every glance is a blessing, and every sunset a lover."
-- Cat Ries of Pleasure Thief and NO/NO

"This book begs us to slow down, to take in what is happening in the glorious NOW, and serves as a reminder that there are things yet to admire, even in this late hour."
-- Edwin R. Perry, editor at Plumberries Press

"A dynamic landscape of America ever-changing in a traveler's dream."
-- Willow Zef, author of Borderline Fictions